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Month: September, 2003

Very Sick Crowds

Had to get up at 6:00am this morning to catch my flight back to L.A. I’ll never fly in and out of San Jose ever again. San Francisco airport, although much bigger, is able to handle its capacity. The fashion police have yet to arrive in the Valley to strip everyone of their Bill Gates […]

Sarah And Kenji’s Wedding

Today was a worldwind trip up to the Bay Area for Kenji and Sarah’s wedding. After an uneventful flight up to San Jose, I picked up a rental car, checked into the hotel, and made my way down to Monterey. Passed “Crazy Horse Ranch” road where Neil Young lives. I forgot to tell him I […]

Nothing Like A Nice Shag On Your Birthday

What an insane day. Mission: Next To Impossible. The objective? Secure limited edition “Shag” [LINK] serigraph in honor of the 40th Anniversary of the Tiki Room. Then get to birthday festivites by 12:30pm. Got up at 6AM. Drove down to Disneyland. Pull into parking lot but realize I have no cash. Leave. Find ATM. Go […]

Stupid Cat

Nicky’s not the smartest cat in the world. Curious, yes, smart, no. He climbed straight up my screen door and was teetering along the top. I had to grab a chair just to bring him down. Scared cats don’t like that. They’re all claws. Of course I had to shoot some vid of the damn […]

Nobody Walks In L.A.

Neighbor Rachel and I were walking down the street to go over her friends house. The plan was to go to the Cinerama Dome to see “How The West Was Won” at 4:00. Just as we got to the intersection a silver Forester goes flying by and runs the red light. The girl in the […]

Jett Jackson, Arteest

Every year there’s the “Art in the Park” festival that goes on where I live. I call it “Fart in the Park” behind its back. Quite honestly it’s a lot of C grade artists hawking art that’s not good enough to be on a refrigerator. But, no matter what art show you go to, there […]

Cinespia (sin-eh-SPEE-uh)

[CINESPIA MINI GALLERY] [VIDEO LINK] Shakespeare in the Park? That’s for pussies. Movies in the cemetery is where it’s at. During the summer months the film geek society Cinespia [LINK] shows movies at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Projected on the wall of the mausoleum of all things. We grabbed a “plot” and set up our […]

Matrix Revolutions Wraps!

Ten months of effects work on The Matrix films has finally come to an end. So a drink is in order. Funny, there were more people who partied it up after Reloaded wrapped than Revolutions. The Production Supervisor gave our Effects Supervisor a blow up doll for all his hard work. I think he might […]

Crew Photo Time

What’s the most you can get out of people when you ask them to go totally crazy at 8:30 in the morning? They might raise their arms in the air for you. Now that “The Haunted Mansion” is wrapping up it’s crew photo time. There were three taken. Serious, smiling, and “just go totally crazy”. […]

Loss Of A Coworker

We lost a coworker recently. He was in Hawaii on vacation [LINK]. It’s incredibly sad what happened to him. I had only met him last week as he was fairly new. He was very fond of Hawaii and always wore a hawaiian print shirt. You know those kinda guys. They always seem to be really […]

Labor Day Eats

Fire, carbon, flesh, and ambiance. A lowkey end to a non-laborious Labor Day. Even though I usually cook for one, I like breaking out the big ‘ol Weber grill just to have the flames shoot up about 6 feet when you light the coals. Ladies and gentleman and neighbors… I have made fire! I am […]