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Month: May, 2004

Memorial Day Weekend

[IMAGE GALLERY] [VIDEO LINK] The long pale winter. Need some sun. The mission: Go to see redwoods in Northern California. Accomplished? Hell yes. Occasionally you take a trip that turns out to be way more than you thought it would be. I took off Saturday morning and jetted up to Oakland and hung with Keith […]

National Geographic Here I Come

Last year friend Eric [LINK] called me up and asked if he could use a photo for a book he was writing. It’s about Maya and is part of the “Killer Tips” series of books. Of course I said yes and had forgotten about it but here it is about a year later. Here’s the […]

Styx at Universal Amphitheater, Dead People, Ogres, And Squirrel Attacks

Friday I decided to bookend the last two weeks with related concerts. Two weeks ago I saw Dennis “Domo” DeYoung, and after getting the L.A. Weekly on Thursday I was reminded Styx was going to be at the Universal Amphitheatre. So Friday morning I bought a ticket and trooped across town that night to Universal. […]


I picked up my little painting today after an aborted attempt with Jill and George yesterday. Two weeks ago I bought another Jett Jackson painting at the Santa Fe Open Studios, but she was going to be at the Beverly Hills Affaire in the Garden and I had her hold on to it. I ate […]

Ode To The Mariner

The players: Chris, Jill, George and Kevin. We were cruising up Fairfax towards Santa Monica Blvd. when I mentioned I liked the BMW Z8s. There was a grey one directly in front of us which I was refering to. I said it was nice but it was not worth the $170k price tag. Which immediately […]

A Day At The Races

[VIDEO LINK] Friday night at Hollywood Park was Sony day at the races and I finally got to prove good ol’ Monica wrong. See the previous horse racing post [LINK]. I bet “$5 to win” and actually won for once. A group of us were invited down to watch the the #5 “Sony” race from […]

Sony Pictures Animation Groundbreaking Ceremony

[GROUNDBREAKING VIDEO LINK] Sony Imageworks [LINK] is expanding at such a rate they have to build a new building to accomodate us. I think it’s a not so subtle way of saying we’re all fat and don’t fit in the building anymore. Anyway, it took about 45 minutes later while sitting at my desk to […]

Mother’s Day Secret

[BANG! BANG! BANG! VIDEO LINK] Not a lot of people realize one of the best kept secrets in the world is Mother’s Day at Magic Mountain. The place is a ghost town. Most of the time you can walk right onto the ride and it’s all very laid back. No mothers want to go to […]

Dennis DeYoung at The Cerritos Center – Domo Domo

About two months ago I got a call from the fairer parental unit. She was watching PBS and there was a pledge drive. Sheepishly she asked what I was doing Mother’s Day weekend and that “your dad won’t go with me”. How can I possibly say no to anything she asks after that setup? So […]

Crossworld At Hauser And Sixth Street

Santa Fe Artwalk

The Santa Fe Art Colony [LINK] had its annual open studios this weekend. I completely forgot to shoot a photo of the Jett Jackson painting I bought, but I’ll pick it up in two weeks. Jett wanted to keep it so she can get a serigraph edition done for it. Cool, I’ll have the original. […]