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Month: August, 2004

Ooompa Loompa Exploitation

The L.A. County Museum had an outdoor screening of Willy Wonka tonight and of course Wonka aficionado George was game for going. It quickly turned ugly when a Oompa Loompa started making the rounds. I actually kinda felt bad for them as this is either one of many Oompa Loompa gigs during the year or […]

I Know 40 Year Old People

[IMAGE GALLERY] [VIDEO LINK]With a slew of 40 year old birthday parties and a recent 20 year high school reunion I see a sports car in my future. College chum Keith celebrated the big turnover this weekend with a pawty in Oakland. I knew lots of their friends only through websites, so seeing some of […]

35 Year Anniversary Of The Manson Murders

El Coyote Cafe on Beverly Boulevard has been serving Mexican food since 1931. On August 8, 1969, Jay Sebring made an 8 o’clock dinner reservation for Abigail Folger, Wojciech Frykowski, Sharon Tate, and himself. After waiting 15 minutes in the bar, the four were seated and unknowingly ate their last meals, leaving at around 9:45pm, […]

A Good Little Hummer

Out my window at work sits this little hummingbird. I noticed him a few months ago. They’re very territorial so he chases off other birds fairly frequently. He always sits on that one branch no matter how windy.

Controversial Movies

Spanning the last century, two films are currently causing a ruckus in Los Angeles. One made in 1915 and one to be released this month. The Silent Movie Theater is no stranger to controversy, yet when you drag out the old film school standard of “Birth of a Nation” [LINK] prepare for a fight. I […]

Polar Express Happy Hour

Polar Express is nearing the finish line with some departments wrapping up this week and others (mine) still in the fight. We had a beer swill Friday night with raffles, beer and cake. “Gee Wally, I really hope we get more than a lousy cake when our department finishes.” With the light at the end […]

Signs In New Zealand

[SIGNS GALLERY]After going through some of my photos from New Zealand, I gathered a collection of the signs I came across.

White Castle Go Home

[VIDEO LINK] When you live in the land of “In-N-Out” burgers the thought of White Castle coming to town is laughable. To help promote the film “Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle” the White Castle restaurant chain opened up a temporary store on Sunset Blvd. Just to remind myself how bad the burgers are […]

Y2K POD – Bad License Plate Ideas

Ouch. Time for a new plate buddy. Buying a car for the Y2K bug? Wouldn’t a bike have been better? I suppose it was funny for about a year.