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Month: September, 2004

Abbot Kinney Street Festival

[ABBOT KINNEY GALLERY] Took the new toy [LINK] out for a spin at the Abbot Kinney Street Festival. After walking the couple miles up and down Abbott Kinney Blvd., that festival sucks. There was nothing even close to worth buying. I did see a girl from one of the classes I helped teach at Silicon […]

Friday Bar-b-que

About a year ago Imageworks moved a handful of artists out to a new building behind the main one. Dubbed “The Cornfield”, as the artists felt they were being sent to the cornfield [LINK]. On the bright side they have a patio and tree lined area where they can have a bar-b-cue and enjoy the […]

Tattoo You

13th Annual Inkslingers Ball [LINK] Funny thing. I don’t really like a tattoos. I do not like them on people, I do not like them on steeples, Sam I am. I do like the whole culture behind it though. I think it’s fascinating. They start to look ugly on skin after a few years, but […]

Bar-b-que Smoke

Every year there’s the family party down at Dana Point Harbor. Coinciding with me getting older and the end of summer. For years there was never any kids at these things. Now it’s come full circle and the next generation of kids are attending. I’m not sure I like kids all that much, they’re so […]

Hot Hot Thunderheads

People Is Ants