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chase the light

Month: November, 2004

Hip Hotel

[SAN REMO HOTEL] City Souffle. The ingredients: A Saturday night jam with fellow insurgents Keith and Shelli in Oakland. A Sunday viewing of Polar Express in IMAX 3D with friends from all corners of my life at the Metreon. And an “on a whim” stay at a hotel Sunday night in North Beach. Occasionally while […]

Australia 3.0

[MELBOURNE] [THE GREAT OCEAN ROAD][TASMANIA] [SYDNEY] [VIDEO LINK] A month in Australia and boy am I bushed. Get it? No? Damn. 1200 photos, one dead bird, 15 bites of various kinds, a tiger snake encounter, a diviner, waterfalls, and a very confused Vespa scooter now named Shemale. Melbourne still to come. It’s done.