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Month: June, 2005

Rachid Taha at the Knitting Factory

A couple years ago I came across Rachid Taha via a listening station at the Virgin Megastore. I stood and listened to the whole album and bought it. It was all I listened to for a few months. Rachid is an Algerian who lives in France and his music has a north African vibe. Even […]

How to Lose Only Half Your Money

[Imageworks at Hollywood Park Gallery] Friday night at Hollywood Park with Imageworks. And how to bet like me… Does the horse have an amusing name? —-no—> don’t bet. Yes. Is the horse pretty? —no—> don’t bet. Yes. Have ya got $5? —-no—-> don’t bet. Yes. Bet on horse.

Early Father’s Day Baseball Game

My Dad had been itching to go to a game this year and with my sister in town for my Mom’s retirement, he wanted to go for father’s day. So he bought tickets. In his excitement he bought tickets for Saturday. Which is NOT Father’s Day! And a day I had to work some overtime. […]

Retirement Time

Well, it’s finally come to be. Both parents are now retired. Now my Dad no longer has the house all to himself during the day. After school there was a retirement party for my Mom. It was was not surprisingly like a school play. Little skits and people singing goofy songs. Just replace kids with […]

Zathura Balcony Party

Zathura is hurtling towards our completion date so as people started rolling off the project we had a white trash pool party. Malt liquor in bags and pink flamingos by the blow up pool. It was crazy, man.

The Creatrix

(click image to see the full painting) One of my favorite painters is Mark Ryden. Although these days it seems almost cliche to like him, but I still do. In January, while in Seattle, I went to the retrospective show of his at the Frye Museum. A museum show is pretty rare for a living […]