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Month: August, 2005

San Juan Island by Truck

Special guest Mom The Blogger… Woke up surrounded by FOG! ugh….spoiled our plans to head around the island. Went to check out the whale watch boat to see if it had gone out and it was still sitting in its slip. Listened to the radio for other boat calls and few were – talkin’! Those […]

Friday Harbor and San Juan Island

Special guest Mom The Blogger… What an exciting day! We left Rosario at 9:30 and headed back to Friday Harbor. We could have been lost at sea, but Chris’ navigation saved and we were able to find our way around Shaw island. As we rounded the island, the hunt began for the bald eagle. Chris […]

Rosario Resort, Orcas Island

After the flight from Seattle’s Lake Union to Friday Harbor in the San Juan Islands, I met up with my parents and we took their boat over to Rosario Resort on Orcas Island. I’ll let special guest Mom The Blogger fill in the rest… We had made reservations a couple of weeks ago at the […]

Neko Case at The Woodland Park Zoo

Oh Neko you’re So Fine, You’re So Fine You… So, Rock n’ Roll girlfriend was playing a benefit show for the Seattle Zoo. It was a one off, so I was dying to go. The only problem was that it ended up being sold out, and the only place you can buy tickets beforehand are […]

The New Pornographers minus Neko at Tower Records

[“TWIN CINEMA”]Pop masters New Pornographers are in town for their new release “Twin Cinema”. Tonight they did an instore [LINK] at Tower Records on Sunset, then the Galaxy Theater tomorrow. The NP’s are like a big bag of Halloween candy. One song’s a Snickers, one’s Twizzlers, one a Butterfinger, another a roll of Smarties. It’s […]

Nine Inch Nails (Vincent Price Help Me Fly Remix)

A few years ago, George and I were sitting at Damiano’s on Fairfax one late night and Trent Reznor walks in and goes to the back room. Hmmm… interesting. Then sometime last year we’re at the Viper Room to see Riz and his band Anyone play and there ya go, Trent Reznor comes walking in […]

Soundwalk 2005

[SOUNDWALK VIDEO LINK]Yeah… just not that into sound artists all that much, but I gave Soundwalk [LINK] a shot. A little too “experimental” for my taste. I guess I was searching for something a little more whimsical. Everyone seems so serious. At one of the gallery stops, some people were writhing around on the floor […]

Exquisite Corpses Part Un

1. Mr. Muffet’s nightmare / swimming with stars / that were underground / in dreamtime. 2. My romeo / in the river / stickley pricks / its a-mazing! 3. Mozopolis / killing time / melting L / elaborate systems underground. What the hell’s an Exquisite Corpse? [LINK] Well… it’s a game developed during the surrealist […]

Katz Deli… My House.

Gotta love the web and overnight delivery services, they go hand in hand. Back in December I went to New York. Great time, great food, great sights. But the thing I remember the most… that pastrami sandwich from Katz deli in the Lower East Side. My God! Everything I’d ever heard was true! Yeah, there […]

Nothing “Structural”

After a horrendous year of no sleep, months of doctor exams, a neurologist’s pokes and prods, a general facial paresthesias, blood lab work, ECGs, EMGs, EEGs, having to go to sleep hungry because of fasting before a test in the morning, gadolinium contrast agent shots, a couple of MRIs, including an IAC MRI (internal auditory […]

Cinespia: Lee Marvin Kicks All Ass All the Time

That’s not Lee Marvin, but it is Jules. She was my roomate in college and did a nice turn in a supacool flash blowout photo from tonight’s Cinespia. Although it doesn’t really look much like her with the jutting chin and all. Her chin does no jutting in real life. It just does normal chin […]

Siggraph 2005

Another year, another bunch of people running around in motion capture suits. Alex was in from Barcelona and I got to hang out with him Friday night and Ben was in from Australia and we hung out Wednesday night. So good to see friends you can’t just call everyday. Imageworks once again had their drawing […]