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Month: January, 2006

Ashes and Snow

Eighth Annual Imageworks Ski Trip

[SKI TRIP VIDEO LINK] So we left work about 5:15 but the bus’s air conditioner was busted and they forgot our ice coolers! The bus got up to 86 degrees inside. It was miserable and we were sitting in Friday night traffic for two hours. So we stopped in the valley to swap out buses […]

The Exorcism of Emily’s Reasons Why Not

Oh Heather Joan Graham, for months your face has been plastered all over Los Angeles on billboards, buses, and production trucks. You were the queen of hearts for ABC TV. The next moment… well your face is still plastered all over except now you’ve been cancelled and are just the two of clubs. Premiering Jan […]

Century City

A test of the new camera. HD Baby! HDV-HC1 [LINK]. So let’s see… my cell phone fell in the toilet and died, the Canon G1 I lost in the mud while quadbiking in New Zealand, the iPod didn’t live after it’s tumble down the stairs in the parking structure and my DV camera decided jump […]

Exquisite Corpses Part Trois

1. Humpty buddha’s hand / in funny ways / culture sale / bouche et bijioux. 2. Dust my broom / spanning the infinite / deep in space / something fishy. 3. The flight of / partes / in platon hands / came crashing down. The latest Exquisite Corpses [LINK] that I’ve worked. First one I […]

Happy New Year MMVI (Watch out!)

[NEW YEARS 2006 GALLERY – 1280 x 1024] Happy New Year, you’re about to get taken out by a wave. Ha ha ha. That’s not what you want to see when you’re looking through your viewfinder. I thought it would be nice to get a shot of the waves crashing along the rocks near Fort […]