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Month: December, 2007

Magic Burrito Mountain

George and his buddy Pete flew into L.A. from New Zealand for a quick holiday getaway. Pete embraced the magic of mexican food and made the claim “from here on out I’m eating nothing but burritos.” And he did. We also went up to Magic Mountain for a day of coaster ridin’. My stomach held […]

The Merry Christmas Glitter Deer

Christmas! ( I know you’re reading this in May of 2008, but just work with me here) At least we’re still closer to last Christmas than this years. This is an ornament Liza’s sister Soraya gave my Mom. She wanted a picture of it in California. It’s glitterrific! Had I been really clever I would […]

Liverpool Week – The Capital of Culture 2008 doncha know?

Not that many photos this week as I just stayed with Liza and relaxed. She had to work this week so I took the occasional walk into the city to see some sights. She’d start work and I’d go out and fiddle around, come back for lunch and sometimes I’d go back out for some […]

Last Day, Mom UK Tour 2007

Last day with Mom, here she is… “Sunday morning – Liza picked us up about 11:00 to do a “driving tour” as we wind our way to the train station in Liverpool. She stayed the night with Soraya and Pat stayed with Veronica, Rick and Ava. We drove to Blackpool which felt like a small […]

Warwick to Stratford to Birmingham to Liverpool to Formby to Southport

Yesterday was travel day from Stratford to Liverpool. We checked out of the hotel in Warwick and drove back to Stratford to drop off the car. No problems with that and then we had about an hour wait for the train. We have to go to Birmingham first (Hometown of Black Sabbath, Rock!), switch trains […]

Warwick Castle

Blogger Mom… “Rise and shine to another day of adventure – on our way to Warwick Castle! Looking out our window from Wyckhillhouse a white frosty morn awaits us! Is actually quite lovely with a light layer of white covering the landscape. Roads are dry so that is good. Slight problem getting ready to leave. […]

More Cotswolds and the Slaughters

I’m going to let Mom take the next two as she wrote up the days quite nicely… and I’m feeling really far behind on this whole thing. “After a good night’s sleep, headed out to explore more Cotswold villages. The weather is cooperating as it is clear and sunny, however, COLD! Emily was once again […]

Cotwolds! We Have Scone!

Yes! Today we achieved the goal of scone nirvana in the Cotswolds! First back to Stratford. We got up, went to Costa coffee. Because it *Cost a* lot! Get it?!? Ha, I kill! Costa is the english version of *$ for those not having visited the England. We’re off to a little village called Stow-on-the-wold […]


Had to say goodbye to London early this morning and hop the train to Stratford-upon-Bill. We’re now graduating to the big trains from the light rail lines. The trip is only a couple of hours and we got to watch the countryside go by fairly quickly. See your favorite countryside stereotype… baas, moos, whinnies, greens, […]

London Day Three

Sunday morning and up very very early. We have to catch the bus to finish off the city tour and to get to The Tower at a decent time to see everything there. We hit the streets at 7:30 and walked down the Mall towards Buckingham Palace. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the streets […]

London Sightseeing

Got up at 3:00am this morning to start the super tourist day. Oh, I mean 11:00am local time! Yikes! Black out curtains work way to well when on holiday, I suggest not using them. Today looks like a rain day so how about a tour of the city by open top bus? Sounds good huh? […]

In Search of Scones and Babbling Brooks

And off we go… Mom and I on a grand tour of the England before I stay on with Liza for a bit. We left Thursday evening and got in Friday afternoon. British Airways, not a bad flight, it’s always long but was smooth and uneventful. It was pretty out as we circled London and […]

Fall Gathering of the Nuts Party

After co-opting the name of a friends party we shifted the annual September get together to a “Fall Gathering of the Nuts”. The usuals were there, and my sister got to fly in this time. Also Liza got to partake but unfortunately I have to take her to the airport tomorrow. We *thought* it was […]