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Month: February, 2008

Academy Awards Imageworks Party

Since Imageworks had “Surf’s Up” in the running for an Academy Award for Animated Feature they put together a party for us to watch (us lose) the Awards. I really think Surf’s Up should have won this year as I thought Ratatouille was Pixar being mediocre at best. Persepolis was the pat on the back […]

Academy Award Animated Short Film Nominees

We had a nice thing at work this week. The Oscar nominees for the animated short film were screened and all the filmmakers were there to talk about each one and answer questions. Then we had lunch after and got to chat with them more personally. The one I really loved, Madame Tutli-Putli, didn’t win […]

Ray Harryhausen Live Commentary

The American Cinematheque had a screening of Ray Harryhausen’s The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad at the Aero Theater in Santa Monica. Across the street Ray did a book signing of his book “The Art of…” It was nice to meet him and I picked up two books, one for me and one for Liza. He […]

Lovely Times

Last days in the England. Oh no! Made the rounds on the weekend by visiting everyone and saying goodbye. Spent time going out to dinner and I did some last minute shopping. DVDs mostly. That’s me above in the rollover writing down f/stop numbers for Liza to remember. We also hung out with Soraya and […]