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Month: April, 2008

Speed Racer Wrap Party AKA ‘the night my camera didn’t focus’

There was a wrap party for the movie Speed Racer that I wasn’t invited too because I didn’t actually work on the movie. But I went anyway courtesy of Winston who didn’t want to go! What?! I’ll go. A bunch of fellow employees will be there so why not. Met up with Blaine on the […]

Chris Burden’s “Urban Light” sculpture – LACMA

Urban Light incorporates 202 antique cast-iron lampposts from various cities in and around the Los Angeles area. In the 1920s, each city designed its own streetlamps as a form of public art and civic identity. Over the past seven years, Burden recovered and restored many of these vintage one-and-a-half ton lampposts. When they arrived at […]

My Kitchen is Clean. Now Stay Out!

Had a little Spring cleaning session today. The kitchen wasn’t looking to good so I went at it. A few hours later it was polished up and I pretty much shut the doors on it. I went out to eat tonight just so I didn’t have to go in there and ruin my fine work. […]

Imageworks Crew Photo

We’re this big. Well, we used to be. I shot a photo of the Imageworks crew today. Of course when you do that you don’t get to be in the picture. When I showed someone at work the picture the first thing they said was, “Wow, look how bald I am.” Oops… sorry.