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Month: July, 2009

DreamWorks Ducks

Hans Zimmer Concert at DreamWorks

[Hans Zimmer Concert Gallery] After getting home from Australia this morning I went straight into work. For the past year they’ve been building an extension to the parking structure so Hans Zimmer christened it with a concert on the rooftop. It was really good. I’m about to pass out.

Flight Home from Australia

Sun coming up on the flight home from Western Australia. A grueling 30 hour ordeal, with a sleepover in Melbourne airport and a long stop in Auckland, NZ for lunch. On to LAX, and then straight into a full day at work.

Last Day in Australia

Revisiting great places to eat.

Cottesloe Beach

Heath Ledger’s favorite beach and where they spread his ashes.

The Pinnacles (Happy 4th of July from Australia)

Rottnest Island

Mandurah and Rockingham

Swan Valley Wine Tour