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Category: Audio

Calexico at The Music Box

[CALEXICO AUDIO SNIPPET] Music to sway by. Calexico are sooo good! I’ve been having the hardest time seeing them as they’ve come through town a couple times while I’ve been away or I just couldn’t make it, etc. So finally! The name is taken from a small border town in California, and it’s Mexican side […]

Te Papa Museum

[KIWI AUDIO LINK – 22secs – 200kb] Off to the Te Papa Museum. It’s a everything you ever wanted to know about the history of New Zealand museum. Te Papa = Our Place. Ok, it comes down to this. Kiwi’s, sheep, glow worms, and mountains. New Zealand in a nutshell. The little Kiwi carries the […]

F-14 Tomcat and Libyan MiG-23 Dogfight

[DOGFIGHT AUDIO LINK – 7m:47secs – 1.39mb] Just 14 days after the Pan Am bombing two U.S. fighters engaged some Libyan MiGs today. Something’s up. I was home tonight with my recorder and put it up to the TV so I could listen to the tape a little closer. The video they’re showing isn’t very […]

Changing the Marquee at Edwards Cinemas

[LET’S GO CHANGE THE MARQUEE! AUDIO LINK – 27m:22secs – 5.3mb] Every week, either Tuesday or Thursday night, we have to change the marquee out front of the mall. The first thing you have to do is figure out what letters you need to use to spell out the new movie on the marquee. Where […]