by chris cunningham


Um, don’t forget your gloves when you go to Yosemite in the winter. It won’t matter if you’re completely prepared on all other fronts. In fact naked with nothing but gloves and boots on might be more bearable. Anyway, an early freeze hit most of Northern California this week and everything iced over leaving ice waterfalls and leaves stuck below the lake ice like the bodies in those bad horror movies. Bridel Veil falls had all this ice on it and occasionally huge chunks would come crashing down and you could hear it echo through the valley. That gets a bitchin’ thumbs up. Last time I was in Yosemite it was a 107 degrees and miserable. People actually burst into flames that time. I swear. I saw it with my own eyes. What started as a 1.5 mile hike up to Mirror Lake turned into a 6-7 mile hike as I took the wrong path on the way back and ended up in Katmandu. I swear. There were sherpas and everything. Eventually I got back to the car and could only get to Santa Nella before I got tired. Besides, the Motel 6 in Santa Nella is only $39.99 a night! Yee har. That includes a window view of Highway 5 from only about, say, 100 feet or so. There’s something very relaxing about the white (frightliner) noise generated by a steady stream of 18 wheelers barreling down the highway. They really could charge more for those rooms. I could barely hear The Apprentice on TV.