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Month: March, 2001

Montara Beach, Half Moon Bay

I went home sick from work today, so I took the coast home. I spent more time playing around than actually resting. Oh well, it made me feel better. I love the layers along this eroded beach, Montara State Beach. Not a very good nude beach apparently.

Stow Lake, Golden Gate Park

Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park. Out on my nightly walk.

Oscar Party

I won the big prize at the Oscar Party! I won $100 for picking the most winners. I rarely lose this game.

Shrek Lighting Wrap Party

The Lighting team from Shrek had our own wrap party. Probably to console each other that we actually did a good job. We probably didn’t mean some of the things we said to each other during production either.

Golden Gate National Recreation Area

What’s great about this photo is that it’s only 10 minutes from my house. I love that you can lie in photography. The fog has started to roll in, but the sun is still poking through. What you can’t hear or see is a cargo ship blowing its horn as it comes through the fog […]

Golden Gate Bridge

How many times can you shoot this photograph? Apparently a lot. [LINK] Here’s my version. No better, no worse. It’s a little cooler out than it looks. In the middle of Fort Point there’s this big black cannon. It’s almost impossible to take a photo of it with no one in the picture. It took […]

Shrek Wrap Party

A wrap party PDI/DreamWorks style. In the parking lot. They really now how to splurge on us after having sweated through two years of work. Factoid: The Shrek Crew Jackets… don’t say crew on them. Thanks a lot.

Highway 280

If I have to commute 37 miles to work, I’m glad it’s this beautiful the whole way. Most nights it looks like this along Hwy 280, with the fog rolling in over the hills and Half Moon Bay. [LINK] According to the sign it’s “The World’s Most Beautiful Freeway”. Kind of an oxymoron if you […]

The Mad Hatter

I bought this figure today after having seen the new “Alice” game from EA. The “help me” sign was a cry for help via my internal webcam. It was pointed at it most days during production woes.

Twin Peaks

This is from atop Twin Peaks in the middle of San Francisco. These peaks were once known as “Los Pechos de la Chola”, “The Breasts of the Indian Girl”. That’s one breast over to the right, which means I’m standing on the other one and acting like a nipple. Off to the left is Sutro […]


Kathleen Cohen was up from L.A. for a conference, so we headed out to North Beach for dinner at Caffe Michelangelo’s. She essentially rented a boat to make the drive from L.A., but we fortunately found a large enough dock, er… I mean parking spot within a couple blocks of the restaurant. You get wine […]

The Ranch

My homestead by Golden Gate Park. Gotta love the houses in San Francisco. The way the wind blows right through them. There’s never enough power outlets. I can’t run the microwave or the TV at the same time or I’ll blow the fuse. My bedroom used to be the dining room. I’m one of the […]

BBC Gud’bye

Another employee bites the dust today. So we all dragged our asses over to the BBC pub, drown our sorrows, and secretly wish we were him. It’s funny how alcohol will make you tell the truth about how you feel.

PDI/DreamWorks Cigarette City

Outback of the Midtown building is where the smokers gather. Amused yet repulsed at the same time, I couldn’t help but notice that they look like little skyscrapers. It’s like a New York City of Cigarette Butts. My favorites are the ones with lipstick on them. Beautiful, yet I know these people will probably die […]

Music Studio

It [LINK] looks impressive, but really I don’t know what half the knobs and buttons do. I sing and play guitar into it, and sound comes out. That’s what I do know. Oh yeah, and it looks real cool when the lights are off in the room. Like a Christmas Tree.

Laundry Nite

Weird things while doing laundry tonight. Laundry has got to be the most boring thing in the world. It’s never like this. [LINK] Normally when you’re doing laundry, you at least have total strangers to keep you company. Because you know you’re all going through the same thing. Except tonight there was no one. It’s […]

Outback At PDI/DreamWorks

PDI is the ominous red building is where I work. Some top secret shit goes on there. Apparently I’m somehow involved with this. I’m still waiting for them to tell me what it is. No one from the outside is even supposed to be on my floor. That’s a car dealership on the right. They […]

My Desk

This is my desk today. I’ve made a few observations from this photo. My desk is a mess. Not a messy mess, but a controlled mess. Stuff’s at least in piles, but it’s been way worse and way better. I don’t hang anything on the walls. I seem to have the cd’s in the right […]

The Goat

This is a goat that I sometimes go feed at lunch. He’s a couple miles from work. Normally I wouldn’t care, but this goat is just too damn happy. Even when sticking his head through barbed wire. If that’s not a smiling goat I’m losing my mind.

The Ladies

My new camera arrived today. A Canon G1. So of course the first thing I’m going to start taking pictures of are my girls. They don’t have names, I’m not that nuts. From left to right. The custom Erickson I had built, a Danelectro DC59, an Ovation 12 string Balladeer, a cherry burst Gibson Les […]