Laundry Nite

by chris cunningham


Laundry Night


Weird things while doing laundry tonight. Laundry has got to be the most boring thing in the world. It’s never like this. [LINK] Normally when you’re doing laundry, you at least have total strangers to keep you company. Because you know you’re all going through the same thing. Except tonight there was no one. It’s like everybody took a laundry holiday. The sign says 25 cent dry. We all know there’s no way you can dry stuff for one quarter. I had to put in 7 tonight for 56 minutes. Then I thought, wait a minute… I used to put in only 6 quarters and get an hour! Then it dawned on me, with the recent energy crisis, their bills went up and they’re passing it along to the consumer. So they can’t really start making the machines take dimes and nickles for a 35 cent dry. They just give you less time. So now I get 8 minutes for my quarter instead of 10. Bastards. The unintentional self portrait is of me watching my clothes spin. Like I said, laundry’s got to be the most boring thing in the world. That’s a white towel, blue jeans, and a red Teva pullover blurring into a patriotic swirl …and when did Primus start making dryers?