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chase the light

Laundry Nite

Weird things while doing laundry tonight. Laundry has got to be the most boring thing in the world. It’s never like this. [LINK] Normally when you’re doing laundry, you at least have total strangers to keep you company. Because you know you’re all going through the same thing. Except tonight there was no one. It’s […]

Outback At PDI/DreamWorks

PDI is the ominous red building is where I work. Some top secret shit goes on there. Apparently I’m somehow involved with this. I’m still waiting for them to tell me what it is. No one from the outside is even supposed to be on my floor. That’s a car dealership on the right. They […]

My Desk

This is my desk today. I’ve made a few observations from this photo. My desk is a mess. Not a messy mess, but a controlled mess. Stuff’s at least in piles, but it’s been way worse and way better. I don’t hang anything on the walls. I seem to have the cd’s in the right […]

The Goat

This is a goat that I sometimes go feed at lunch. He’s a couple miles from work. Normally I wouldn’t care, but this goat is just too damn happy. Even when sticking his head through barbed wire. If that’s not a smiling goat I’m losing my mind.