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Month: December, 2001

Disneyland New Years Eve

New Years Eve. At 5:00pm we’re sitting in a Sports Chalet in L.A. trying on new snowboarding clothing, by 6:30pm we’re deep in the throngs of Disneyland. With shiny new annual passes in our pockets, Jill and I head over to California Adventure with some unwarranted skepticism. The next thing ya know we’re soaring over […]

Cars And Guitars

It’s only across the street, yet it took me nearly 6 months to go to Peterson Automotive Museum to see the “Cars and Guitars” exhibit. It was also the last day it was open. Me and my best friend Procrastination went. Herbie “THE” Lovebug was there. Van Halen’s “Hot For Teacher car was there. I […]

Christmas Morning

The peeps home. Where is everybody? Come on, let’s eat and open presents already!?

Hollywood Blvd. To Universal Studios

“Just take the subway to…” Never thought I’d hear that in L.A. George was in town for the holidays from New Zealand. We hopped the Metrorail from Hollywood Blvd. over to Universal City to see “The Lord of the Rings”. It was playing on the IMAX screen. I’m now a fan of L.A.’s subway. It’s […]


The bookends of my day. 8:30am morning dailies to see the film from the previous nights filmout, and what I think most nights are like driving home. A blurry streaky 10 to 15 minutes. Just a rat on his squeaky wheel during the week. Tired, hungry, and a four day weekend ahead with no big […]

Christmas Party

How to completely negate the aerodynamic benefits of a Bug. Although all cars should have topiary on top of them. The world might be a better place. Tonight was a holiday party at Friend Chris and Andrea’s. Know how some people collect Star Wars action figures? I collect blonde women. Mandy, Janel, Jennifer, Andrea, and […]

Tenacious D And Spinal Tap At The House Of Blues

Tonight was Tenacious D and Spinal Tap at the House of Blues. Just getting there turned into an interesting chore. It started raining sooooo hard that we couldn’t get out of the parking structure. I think this is my new favorite photo. You can actually see the rain twisting in the wind as it streaks […]

Sony Holiday Party At Gotham Hall

The office party was at Gotham Hall on the 3rd Street Promenade. Of course no one’s allowed to bring guests, so it’s not really fun to mingle with everybody you already work with. The guacamole was so spicy I had to run to the bar and beg for a bottled water. Seeing your fellow employees […]

The Getty Museum

Before going to see “The Majestic”, and an after movie trip to Jerry’s Famous Deli for dessert, we headed up to The Getty museum for a look around. It turned into a sampler platter of art and views because of the lack of time, but vowed to come back some day when it’s warmer. Bouguereau’s […]

Vegas Baby – Charlie And Lisa’s Wedding

[ELVIS WEDDING VIDEO] Took off Sunday to Vegas for Charles and Lisa’s Wedding. We all stayed at the Paris Hotel and ate, and ate, and ate, and gambled, and gambled, and gambled… I caught a cold. There were a shit load of cowboys in town too. The National Rodeo finals were going on and when […]

The Beverly Center

Hungry, I ran to the Beverly Center for some food. Specifically, Rubios. As I was eating on the rooftop dining area I noticed the Park La Brea towers and realized I live downtown. I didn’t know that. Congratulations also go out to the Beverly Center for winning the “Ugliest Ass Santa Meet and Greet Ever”. […]

Christmas Tree Shopping