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Month: August, 2002

Pukerua Beach

Waiting for the sunset at Pukerua beach. The sunset was cool, and my camera has this little bubble level on it that looks really cool when the sun shines through it. I’m not sure it was worth the half hour drive to find that out. I could have been home watching the free porn I […]

Breaker Bay Sunsets

This is tragic story of a little camera that could. The previous evening I went out to the coast to shoot those boulders. Well, it was really nice out, but I was about half an hour late, so I decided to try again tonight. Early in the day I told Jill to grab her camera […]

There’s Been Druids Here

There’s this pile of boulders by the airport. It was obviously built by the ancient druids for time keeping… oh wait, wrong country. Anyway, boulders, stacked, near work, cool reverse sunset, no celtic origins. I predict rain tonight.

West Coast To Whanganui

Let me translate this from kiwi into American english for you. Horse shit 50 cents. New Zealand white trash. On a failed attempt to get all the way up to Mt. Taranaki (too many stops to take pictures of bags of shit) I drove about a third of the way up New Zealand’s west coast. […]

Daytona Go-Kart Racing

GO-KART PHOTO GALLERY I came to win, but I was born to lose. Or second to last. After work on Saturday the Daytona Raceway was booked up for Weta and we drove around, and around, and around, and around, and around, and around… 60 times to be exact. Those little buggers are fast. You have […]

To The Wairarapa

Sunday driving up to the wine country. It’s kinda like this… leave L.A., drive through the grapevine, and end up in Napa Valley. Except it’s; leave Wellington, drive through the Rimutaka range, and end up in the Wairarapa. Same thing really. Just no 5 hour drive through the central valley. Did I buy wine? No, […]

Te Papa Museum

[KIWI AUDIO LINK – 22secs – 200kb] Off to the Te Papa Museum. It’s a everything you ever wanted to know about the history of New Zealand museum. Te Papa = Our Place. Ok, it comes down to this. Kiwi’s, sheep, glow worms, and mountains. New Zealand in a nutshell. The little Kiwi carries the […]