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Month: September, 2002

Ice Skating In Wellington

[ICE SKATING VIDEO LINK – 29secs – 192×144 – 559.5kb] The city of Wellington set up this ice skating rink during spring break. Spring Break? It still feels like winter out there. They wanted to see the feasibility of a more permanent rink that might be built in the city. The first day the rink […]

Mexikiwi Day At The Rongotai Building

One of the biggest things that is lacking in Wellington is Mexican food. Since 90% of the imported workers at Weta are from California, they all have the same opinion about mexican food in New Zealand. It’s pretty much non-existent and when you do find it, it sucks. So instead of the usual Weta catering […]

Cows Above Wellington

Oh yeah, same to you Cow. Stick your tongue out at me, why I’ll make you into… oh I dunno. On a beautiful day I decided to go for another short drive up to the wind turbine to take a look at the city. After being in Wellington for a few months, you get used […]

All Hail The Sleet

This morning about 6:00am it started hailing like mad. Yes that’s hail, not snow. I’m talking massive bruising hail. Damn, that’s a lot of hail. Here’s a bunch of pictures people sent out at work. I guess the groundhog saw his shadow. Brrrrr… Of course by lunchtime most of it had melted and throwing hailballs […]

Carterton Daffodil Carnival

[CARTERTON DAFFODIL CARNIVAL PHOTO GALLERY] [CARTERTON VIDEO LINK – 04:20m – 160×120 – 3.37mb] George, Sarah, Jill and I woke up way to early on an extremely blustery Sunday to ride a train to look at some flowers. Every year the New Zealand Cancer Society has a steam train that travels from Wellington to the […]

The Wellington Wind Turbine

[WIND TURBINE VIDEO LINK – 30secs – 320×240 – 1.11mb] Wellington’s one and only wind turbine. Long movie file to to the right to pick up the vibe. With real life turbine sounds and whistling wind. They really could use more of these turbines like in Northern California. You could power the whole Wellington area […]

Castlepoint, New Zealand

[CASTLEPOINT PHOTO GALLERY] Castlepoint and its lighthouse on the Wairarapa Coast, east of Masterton. I had been reading a bit about this place and George said it was nice, so Jill and I did the extended Sunday drive through lots of rural farmland on our way to Castlepoint. On the way there was a huge […]