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chase the light

Month: March, 2003

Gettin’ Cocky

“Doc – The classic quivering cock sleeve” “The quiver that makes you shiver” “The Doc has the cure” Someone couldn’t even wait to get in the car. Oh my, I hope they’re not out driving around with this thing in them. Anybody else notice “strap on” spells “no parts” backwards?

Home Away From Home

Ah… Home away from home. Really this is were I spend most of my day. Bamboo beaded curtain, hula lamp, tropical painted globe lights, old projector, turtles, various island trinkets, and a fish net to top it all off. Yes, I’ve looked up her skirt. Nothin’ but wheels and pulley’s and such.

The L.A. Marathon

Somewhat trapped in my house, a bunch of people, 23,647 to be exact, went running by my house for the L.A. Marathon. Some ran, some walked, and unfortunately a lot smelled. Never thought of that aspect of it, but after having run 13 miles they were all smelling pretty bad.