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Month: June, 2003

Attack Of The Killer Neighbour Katt

10 second horror flick. See what happens when you’re sittin’ bored at home armed with a video camera. Fun with the neighbors cat, Nicky.

iChat AV

Yesterday Apple released their new iChat AV software and the new iSight camera. Which I had to have to add to the new 30gb iPod and Dual 1.42 machine. Apple has a lot of my money right now. Anyway, hooked the camera up, installed the software, and lo and behold less than 2 hours later […]

“Alex & Emma” Premiere

Woo hoo! Off to another red carpet premiere and free food at the after party. Tonight was Rob Reiner’s new romantic comedy “Alex & Emma”. Lot’s of stars, but I was particularly happy to see Chris Robinson of the The Black Crowes. He’s in one of my favorite bands, married to Kate Hudson and living […]

Be My Girl. Please. I Beg Of You.

More video fun. I found this buried deep in a box in the back of a closet today. Back in 1992 I was taking some classes at UCLA and got hooked up with this video director from Germany. His name was Oliver. He was going to be shooting a video for this artist from Denver […]

Why I Loathe Orange County

Why do I loathe Orange County? Let me count the ways. Also known as O.C.. Also also known as “Only Caucasions”. I grew up in Orange County and one of my priorities was to get out of there as soon as I could. It’s a place you run away from. After a friends party I […]

Straight A’s. Imagine That.

For your Friday the 13th viewing pleasure I’ve decided to take you back 14 years to the classic “Straight A’s”. Set in the Bay Area at a large seaside University, the story revolves around the long held belief that if your college roommate dies they’ll give you straight A’s. This is long before that stupid […]

Peter Gabriel At Irvine Meadows

The last of the four concerts tonight. Peter Gabriel on his 2nd leg of the Growing Up tour. Concert highlights? He played “Games Without Frontiers” and “Don’t Give Up”. The 2 Kate Bush songs in his repertoire. He also did the song “The Tower That Ate People”. A song from the Millennium Dome show “OVO”. […]

The Sky Is Falling The Sky Is Falling

CBS Studios, Chateau Marmont, Laurel Canyon, a deer, a plane wreck, the hill in “Hill Valley” from Back to the Future, The Chinese Theater, The Hollywood Sign, Capitol Records and Griffith Observatory. Hold on, a plane wreck…? Yeah, a plane decided to crash into an apartment building, scaring a deer on the hillside. No evil […]

Pearl Jam At Irvine Meadows

Hi, my name’s Eddie Vedder. Like Pete Yorn, I too play “Sincere Rock” and take myself way to seriously. I’ve taken the band Pearl Jam hostage and I’m gonna stand here with my guitar for two hours and not really do much. You guys like to think I’m really amazing, so it doesn’t really matter. […]

Amber Alerts

On the road to Pearl Jam… kidnapper alert. Keepin’ my eyes peeled. Even if it is bumper to bumper. Caught the same day two states away. “Amber Alerts” seem to be workin’. Get the code from their site if you like.