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Month: November, 2003

Get in Me Belly

Oh Baby… a little turkey, a little mashed po tay to, some capiscum [LINK] with carrots, some sweet corn, and a little award winning Chateau St. Jean to wash it down. Get in me belly. I was joined in the festivities by seven lovely ladies I brought back from the Czech Republic. Of course they […]

Identity Theft

I put in an Amazon order recently for a set of DVD’s [LINK]. It’s a series of compilation discs of three different music video directors. Well they came in yesterday and were sitting in my office. I particularly got a lot of mileage out of this one from some of my more naive friends [LINK]. […]

Random Muse-ing

The weekend before I left for holiday I actually purchased another of Jett Jackson’s [LINK] paintings. She was showing some work at a show in Beverly Hills and I was hoping she’d still have this one painting that I really liked. I went the first day of the show to check and someone had given […]

So Now What?

Now that Haunted Mansion has gone the way of ghosts I’m on “The Polar Express” [LINK]. It’s teaser trailer is being released into theaters and should be showing before “Return Of The King”, “Love Actually”, “Looney Tunes”, and “Peter Pan”. Not all prints will have it, so be warned. There’s a couple pics from the […]

Prague, Barcelona, London, Ireland – All The Pictures And Videos


Barcelona And Stiges


I was happy to be leaving London today to hopefully recover from this sickness with some warmth. A few days in Barcelona should cure my ills. I arrived around 6:00pm and Alex was there at the airport. So good to see him and we headed up to the city for some xurros and hot xocolate. […]