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Month: December, 2003


After having to deal with the cold all week we finally got the snow. A little late as now I have to deal with it at the airport and don’t get to enjoy it much. Included in the fun was two de-icings of planes. Which I thought was mildly interesting because I’ve never had to […]

Tacos (tah-ko’s) anyone?

Day 3, Boise. Find something to do. Ok, well, there’s the pink flamingo display down the road, there’s some fire hydrants down that way, how ’bout the co-op food store? Or there’s the Basque section of town where I was able to purchase a paellera. I also picked up some paella recipes and saffron. Oh […]


This is the view I had all week. A giant wet nose looking at me. Kelsie needs more attention than any dog, ever. She just won’t let it go. All you have to do is put your hand on her head and she’s happy. Unfortunately you have to do that all day long. She’s one […]

Where The Hell Is Boy Zee?

Hopped a flight to Boise, Idaho this morning to see my sister. It’s more northerly then San Francisco and since my North American travel ceases to exist much farther north of that (besides Seattle), Boise has never really been on my radar. Idaho really does exist! I saw it on the maps and stuff but […]

Christmas Eve Oddness

I thought I’d go out for a drive tonight to see if I could discover some Christmas Eve oddness. There just has to be something weird going on tonight. Only took me about 15 minutes. After my bizarre run in with Sci-entol-ogists at Leicester Square in London I just had to get a closer look […]

It’s Been A Long Time Since I Rock and Rolled

MAG TIME DEPTH & LOCATION6.5 11:15am 7.6k 7 mi NE of San Simeon, CA An “I feel dizzy” earthquake hit today. I’ve grown to love the occasional excitement from an earthquake. Felt in San Francisco and all the way down to L.A. They’re about equidistant from the epicenter, so it makes sense. Still nothing like […]

Christmas In L.A. We Love it. We Love It.

Unbelievable sunset tonight. On the way down to a holiday party I had to pull over to check this out. My one camera battery that I was carrying died. So much for photos of the party. Dammit there better be Egg Nog. That stuff is devilish it’s so good. All the usual suspects are expected […]

Lard Of The Rings: Return Of The King

Clocking in at a hefty 3.5 hours. It’s either a marathon session of holding back pee, or not drinking and having cotton mouth. In Titanic, there’s a nice lull after after the sex scene in the car. That’s a good bathroom break time for that film. I was determined to sit this one through. No […]

Bob Z.

Today at work my supervisor came by my office to give me a little box and said Happy Holidays from Bob. As in Bob Z?? Cool. I doubt I’ll ever meet him and wonder if he personally chose these gifts, but still. I’m not sure if he [LINK] actually goes by Bob Z., or if […]

Big ‘Ol Holiday Party

All this week I was planning on going to this big behemoth party on the lot. Suddenly I got in the hot seat at work, so I did the good worker bee thing and decided to stick it out to make someone look good tomorrow. Even though I really wanted to go pawty. Round about […]

Festivus 2.0

So, blah, blah, blah Saddam was captured. I went to this Festivus 2.0 [LINK] party Saturday night. Which just kicked ass. Way bigger than last years Festivus 1.0. Lots of people I knew and Jay [LINK] had it catered by the Double Dutch Dinette [LINK] in Culver City. Which also kicked ass because he could […]

Good Grief Charlie Brown

Rub a Dub in the Hot Tub! Burn my Flesh!

After a 10 hour day, nothing makes the pain go away faster than some quality time in the Hot Tub. So I run home, see if my house was broken into, greet the neighbors cats, see which bills are now past due, jump into my ultra flash Kirra board shorts, quickly walk down to the […]