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Month: April, 2004

Marking Your Territory

The train is picking up steam… The Polar Express: Variety states that producer Steve Bing [LINK] has made “one of the boldest moves ever taken by an independent producer” and personally invested $80 million — reportedly half of the film’s production budget — in Robert Zemeckis’ upcoming children’s fantasy film. Adapted from Christian Van Allsburg’s […]

Cinespia Is Back!

In a nod to L.A., the first screening of the summer at Cinespia [LINK] was Chinatown [LINK]. Hadn’t see in it in about 15 years and it was great. I kept thinking of Blade Runner since their film noir styles are almost identical. I went unprepared without an extra blanket or the candles. By the […]

Punky Brewster, Pizza, Elizabeth Shue’s Butt

[ELIZABETH SHUE”S BUTT VIDEO LINK] So, like Anne Marie and I (who I haven’t seen in over 3 years since we shot this photo at the Metreon in San Francisco [LINK] ) went to the Apple Store today amongst other things, and like oh my God Punky Brewster [LINK] was there! Then later that night […]

The Brewery Artwalk

Jill and I headed over in the rain this morning to hit the Brewery Artwalk [LINK]. It’s a twice annual event at the downtown brewery complex where some of the artists open their studios for you to meet them and see their work. I wanted to get there early so that if anything caught my […]

Six Feet Under = Eighteen Wheel Thunder

Woke up this morning to the sound of trucks and workmen yelling. According to the memo [LINK], “We will be filming in two areas and they are the exterior of the townhouses just south of the Activities Center and then in the meeting room of the Activities Center itself. The approximate hours of filming outside […]

A Beattiely Weekend

Saturday night in Oakland was the 6 hour jam session comprised of me, Keith and Shelli (The Beattieles), Charlie, some pizza and M&M’s, and some other guys that I’ve forgotten their names. I even got to spend some of their money on music stuff, which I love because it’s music shopping yet I don’t have […]

European Vacation 2003

[IRELAND] [LONDON] [BARCELONA] [PRAGUE] Finally finished all the photos and videos for the trip to Europe last Oct/Nov 2003. Ireland, London, and Prague have little video clips I shot along the way to get a vibe. Prague is quite extensive, while Barcelona is quite short as I was only there a few days. You can […]