A Beattiely Weekend

by chris cunningham

Saturday night in Oakland was the 6 hour jam session comprised of me, Keith and Shelli (The Beattieles), Charlie, some pizza and M&M’s, and some other guys that I’ve forgotten their names. I even got to spend some of their money on music stuff, which I love because it’s music shopping yet I don’t have to pay for it. Some of the new songs we played this week included “Ballad Of John And Yoko” The Beatles, “Nothing Precious At All” by Stereophonics, “I’d Rather Go Blind” by Rod Stewart, and “Spooky” by The Atlanta Rhythm Section. Sunday morning we went to breakfast in Hayes Valley and I had dessert for breakfast. A nutella crepe with bananas and walnuts, and a 1/3 of a blintz. Then we headed over to “Lark Of The Morning” [LINK] music store to restock a box of noise for Shelli as she had to return a box of noise to someone else. Outside of the shop the band “The Sun Kings” [LINK] were playing and were quite good. All Beatles, all the time. Na na na na na na na Hey-a Juuuude [VIDEO LINK]. People love The Beatles. Which brings me to my next Beatle related item. After spying Keith’s book of the Complete Scores of The Beatles, I one day delivered a copy from Amazon. Of course I also snuck in a trip to La Cumbre in the Mission. Someone actually carved ftp into the pier above. Now that’s pretty geeky.