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Month: December, 2004

I Did It My Way

[NEW YORK GALLERY] After years of trying to find someone to take me to New York, so they could show me around, I finally caved. I’m now going. Last time I was in New York was 1977. The summer of the New York City blackout, Son of Sam, the Apple II was released, Star Wars […]

Neko Case Pt. 2 at El Rey Theater

[NEKO GALLERY] [VIDEO LINK] Oh Neko. Oh lovely, lovely Neko. Oh wait I said that Thursday. I’m repeating myself in my haze of Neko. So I pulled a major blunder as I stopped by the El Rey late in the afternoon to check when the box office was opening. I pull up on my bike […]

The Royal Tannenbaum

Since I’m not going to be around much of the holidays I’m opting out of the tree thing this year. But, I did get the whole experience of getting sap on my hands and needles in my pants by riding shotgun on the tree hunt with Jill.

Neko Case Pt. 1 at Bimbo’s 365

Oh Neko. Oh lovely, lovely Neko. She’s back with a west coast tour with a whole band this time. Although there were some minor technical problems, i.e. broken strings, a couple false starts on songs, a tambourine that she had to run upstairs to retrieve, occasional flat singing, long guitar tunings between songs, etc. it’s […]


I was a bored this afternoon so I went to Alcatraz and shot one photo. It’s called “Blow Your Horn Mark”. Thank you. Goodnight.

Here Lies Concepcion Arguello

The tragic heroine of San Francisco’s most famous love story, was born and raised on the Presidio. In 1806, when Concepcion Arguello was 15 years old, a seasoned Russian diplomat, Nikolai Rezanof, arrived in San Francisco Bay seeking aid for the starving Russian colony in Sitka, Alaska. As comandante of the Presidio, Concepcion’s father entertained […]


[YOSEMITE GALLERY] Um, don’t forget your gloves when you go to Yosemite in the winter. It won’t matter if you’re completely prepared on all other fronts. In fact naked with nothing but gloves and boots on might be more bearable. Anyway, an early freeze hit most of Northern California this week and everything iced over […]