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Month: January, 2005

Seventh Annual Imageworks Ski Trip

Another trip up to Mammoth for the Imageworks ski trip. After last years solo snowmobiling trip I was able to gather 5 more this year and the trip was outstanding. Visted the caldera and a couple of small craters where we stood on the edge and looked down. It had snowed all week so we […]

The New Boat – San Juan Island

Last year my parents had bought a boat in Michigan and trailered it out to California. It was to replace the smaller boat, but they never felt comfortable on it. So on the chopping block it went and they found a boat that they really liked. The size was better and they could take it […]


On the way up to the San Juan Islands I stayed a day in Seattle. I wanted to see the Mark Ryden exhibit Wondertoonel [LINK] at the Frye Museum before meeting up with my sister. Since I’ve spent so little time actually in Seattle I went touristing around. Of course if there’s something Led Zeppelin […]

Macworld Expo

After years of not going to Macworld, I think the last one was in 98 or something, I hit the Moscone Center to check out the new goodies. In a way I was disappointed because there was nothing new released that was really geared towards me. The new Mac mini and the iShuffle, which is […]

1895, 1995, 2005

In 1995, in a classroom I was teaching in, I found this postcard late one night. It was in the tray of the chalk board in front of the class. It had actually been there a few days getting moved around. It first caught my eye only because it was a painting from my favorite […]