The New Boat – San Juan Island

by chris cunningham

Last year my parents had bought a boat in Michigan and trailered it out to California. It was to replace the smaller boat, but they never felt comfortable on it. So on the chopping block it went and they found a boat that they really liked. The size was better and they could take it more places and sleep much better on it. The real plus for me is that it’s in the San Juan Islands! Uh… nice one parents!! So my dad was driving up to take the things from the old boat to outfit the new one and my sister was going to in Seattle on business. I just hopped a plane out of Oakland after Macworld and picked my sister up in Seattle and we drove to Anacortes and ferried over to Friday Harbor and stayed the weekend hanging out! Unfortunately my mom had to work. The boat is a Nordic Tug [LINK], which is way more comfortable to cruise in than a sailboat, and warmer. In Friday Harbor there’s a seal that hangs around the dock that has only one eye. Her name is Popeye. She’ll come up to your boat and slap the water to tell you she’s there. On Saturday, we took the boat out around Shaw Island and skirted below Orcas Island. On Shaw Island there were a few Bald Eagles and I was able to get a shot of one of them. As we were coming back in it started snowing and ended up snowing all night. Snow is so rare in the San Juans and it’s been so long since I’d seen any I loved it. I was staying in a warm suite at a hotel in Friday Harbor while my sister and dad slept on the boat. That is until the electric cable running from the dock to the boat shorted out and they lost power. Which meant no heat. Which meant they were heading to the hotel for the night too. Of course my sister had been in Seattle on business and had all her business luggage. It’s snowing like mad out and she had to drag her lugagge 1.5 miles to the hotel as the streets were fluffy white, and my rental car doesn’t have chains. The movie theater was playing “Elektra”, so I didn’t go. This coming summer I get to see the Orcas swimming around for free!