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Month: March, 2005

Sheep Baa Baa Baa

It was a cash loop day for me on Thursday. I work for Sony, they put money in my account, I go to store and plop down the debit card for a Sony PSP, the money went back too them. Hey wait a minute?? I bought two games, Wipeout and Ridge Racer. Two of my […]

You Should See The Eggs This Thing Lays

Sit A Speck

[POPPY GALLERY] After two years I finally made it back out to the Poppy Reserve in Antelope Valley. It’s a nice show this year but more importantly it was the first time I got to see the memorial bench we had put out there for both of my grandparents. We spread her ashes out there […]

Yeah, Chris? Jesus here… we need to talk.

Caller I.D. on my phone. The Prince of Peace, AKA Jesus, didn’t leave a message. I wonder what he wants? Hopefully tomorrow a burning bush won’t try to talk to me, that’s too much responsibility.


Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles.

L.A. Marathon No. 20

According to the real time tracking on the L.A. Marathon website, this is Luis Armando Medina Guillen from Victoria, Mexico. Victoria is just south of the tip of Texas on the Gulf of Mexico. He is 37 years old and did the 26.2 miles in 2:44:02 to finish 27th in the wheelchair division. He smiled […]