Sheep Baa Baa Baa

by chris cunningham

It was a cash loop day for me on Thursday. I work for Sony, they put money in my account, I go to store and plop down the debit card for a Sony PSP, the money went back too them. Hey wait a minute?? I bought two games, Wipeout and Ridge Racer. Two of my favorite games from the old system. I like racing games because you can quit them at almost any point. Unlike full immersion games where I’ve sat there all night getting fat beating up an elf to steal a knife so I can cut open a spider to get a magic crystal. I don’t have that kind of time. I’m not in college anymore. Not only did I pick up the PSP, but my Amazon UK order came in with two Stereophonics cds. An old one with extra songs including their cover of “Handbags and Gladrags” and their new one that’s not even released in the U.S. yet. And they’re at Coachella this year! Rok on.

The goal tonight? Rip the Stereophonics cds, put them on a Memory Stick so that I can play them on the PSP. Exactly what they wanted. I’m putty in Sony’s hands today. When I pulled up to the store my thought was… “that’s only about 100 people, that’s not bad.” Baa. Baa.

…and the coolest thing? Logging in and making this post via the PSP’s web browser.