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Month: May, 2005

Humboldt Redwoods

[DRIVING VIDEO LINK] I sped up to the Humboldt redwoods, as evidenced by my speedometer photo below. Ok, it was only 104 really, but I had cruise control on. I made my way to the Avenue of the Giants again like I did last year. This year though I had the ultimate ride for doing […]

The New Lens

This is Cutie. She’s a longhair that recently got shaved for the summer. Except for her head, tail and paws. But my point is that I picked up a new lens. The widest angle zoom lens Canon makes for my camera. The EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM, or 16-35mm on my 20D. If that means anything. […]

Play Asteroids… um, er, Zathura!

The last two movies I’ve been on have had little flash games built for them. Polar Express and now Zathura. We screened the film today. I can’t really reveal anything about the movie, but the house that’s in it is beautiful. Such a grown up statement. I wouldn’t have said that 5 years ago. Cinco […]

A Day in Bukowski’s San Pedro

Spent the day cruising around San Pedro and ended up at the Warner Grand Theater [LINK] for a screening of “I Built the Tower”. It was part of the 2nd L.A. Harbor International Film Festival. It’s a documentary on Simon Rodia who built the Watts Towers over a period of 33 years between 1921 and […]