Humboldt Redwoods

by chris cunningham


I sped up to the Humboldt redwoods, as evidenced by my speedometer photo below. Ok, it was only 104 really, but I had cruise control on. I made my way to the Avenue of the Giants again like I did last year. This year though I had the ultimate ride for doing this. My Honda S2000 convertible! Oh yeah, top down, radio blasting and the camera clicking away from the tripod mount between the seats. After tooling around all day on Sunday and swimming in the river I called up Keith and Shelli on my way down to see what they were up to. Being well connected as they are they were at a party at [Angus’] in the Mission. They lured me with an invitation for a burger. Which was great because I didn’t have any cash on me, but that only made me have to go to the bank to get money for the bridge crossing. Which is why I got a Wells Fargo account when I first went to school in San Francisco. They’re everywhere, and right next to me as I got off the phone. And there was a burger sitting on the grill when I arrived. Sweet. So a recap, I took my cool ass convertible up to the redwoods, drove around a lot, swam in a river, ate sandwiches, oh, saw Revenge of the Sith in a theater in Ukiah, shot a photo of a dead deer outside of Willits, went to Angus’ party in the city, and saw Keith and Shelli and their dog Stoli, who’s apparantly been eating too many cheetos and watching a lot of TV. Oh yeah yeah yeah… I bought a tripod head for the car that installs in place of the small wind shield between the seats. So you just attach a camera and go driving around. Which is what the video is of, um, me driving around. It was shot with my still camera at a frame a second and then all linked together.

I also redesigned the website. If something’s broken, I know. I just got tired of having the old site up while this one’s been sitting there waiting. The new rules are: photos are big, the latest entry is the only one on the main page, each post has its own page that can accessed by clicking on the time stamp at the bottom of the entry, each entry can be emailed by clicking on the little envelope icon at the bottom of the entry, the monthly archives are now in a pull down menu for less clutter, so if you missd something just go to the month you want, the lists are somewhat there, the travel galleries are still f’ed up. But not as much. The older the gallery is the more likely it’s been ignored. Whew.