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Month: December, 2005


After having Christmas with my parents in Idaho they headed up to Anacortes to get the boat shipped down to Southern California. It’s been up in the San Juan Islands for the past year. They got it on the truck today so if you see a big red Popeye boat coming down the 5 freeway […]

Los Angeles -> Idaho -> San Francisco

Boise airport December 25th The holiday Bermuda Triangle. In L.A., will just be hangin’ out. Then to Idaho and doing nothin’, or shopping at one of their many strip malls. Then onto San Francisco for 4 days during the New Year! Woot! That all starts right… no, wait for it, right… one sec… now… chrisc@beyonce:chrisc […]

Fiji 2005

Photos from the kayaking trip to Fiji. It only took me a month this time rather than three years for the last trip. Unfortunately this time around I was hammered by mosquitos and came home with an unfortunate nightmare on my hands. I had an allergic reaction to the mosquito bites and they kept getting […]

Ghost Rider Revealed

The first look at Ghost Rider was revealed today. Check him out [LINK]. He looks pretty freakin’ cool even in a compressed quicktime file. Official Site [LINK] and fanboy reaction [LINK] is positive. The release date is February 2007 and lots of work to do. It’s a flaming skeleton on a flaming motorcycle, that’s cool.

Sony Pictures Holiday Party

Just one of the tents full of people at the Sony Holiday Party. Another tent of about the same size had a band and a bunch more tables for gambling. Let’s see the food was catered by Wolfgang Puck’s Catering. Really freakin’ good and they didn’t run out of the pan seared shrimp. Even though […]