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Month: February, 2006

West Los Angeles Sunset

BRAIN DUMP: I have not seen any of the movies up for best picture. They all seem kinda, eh. Of 54 films nominated for anything, I’ve seen nine. Six of those are nominated in just one category. Neko Case is doing an in-store at Amoeba Records. I want to go to Japan. Kyoto specifically, and […]

Queen Mary 2 Leaving San Pedro on its Maiden Voyage

[VIDEO LINK] It was a grey day down at the docks as the Queen Mary 2 rode out of the port to continue on its maiden voyage around the world. It stopped in Long Beach on Wednesday to pull up to the original Queen Mary to exchange greetings and whistle blows. It’s now off to […]

The Culver Lion

About 6 months ago Culver City unveiled this lion statue in the downtown area. Most of the reactions to it were a bit puzzled, but I totally love the statue. I think it’s rather nice that the lion could care less what’s going on around him while he shuts his eyes and dances around in […]

3 x 3: Alfredo de Batuc Benefit

With three days of art gallery shows there was no way I was going to make it out clean. Friday night started out with Rachel and a show called “Remixing the Magic” [LINK]. Rachel and I have developed a simple code word for going out to eat. We just leave a message on our answer […]

Lucha… VA VOOM! Valentine’s Day Spectacluar!

[PHOTO GALLERY OF SEXO Y VIOLENCIA!] She was definitely my favorite act of the night, Michelle Toots L’Amour. It was back to Lucha VaVoom for a Valentine’s Day show tonight. It’s soo fun. I corraled a group of people to go this time around and it was a blast! Everyone of them was a first […]

Oh Sure, Now They Make the Cool Poster…

Zathura, out on DVD Tuesday. And the DVD poster is soooo much better than the theatrical poster. It only made 28 mil. at the box office. At about 9 bucks a ticket these days that was about 3 million people that went to see a movie about a house in outer space. Not so good. […]

8:45pm – Foggy – 56 degrees – Humidity 81% – Visibility 3mi. – Winds Calm

Year of the Neko

Neko at The Derby February 28th, 2004 Yes I’ve completely lost my mind but I totally love Neko Case, and she has a new album coming out March 7th. Which I’ve already got, but that’s not point. Last year was all about her other band The New Pornographers, but this year she’s out on her […]