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Month: March, 2006

Should Have Cast On Ankle

I sent out some emails this week about the bike in the loading dock but the mystery continues. No one knows nuttin’. Or they’re not speakin’. You’d think someone would have a story, it didn’t just drop out of the sky. It’s probably a rather boring explanation like most things. That, or someone’s screwing with […]

Exquisite Corpses Part Quatre

1. Occumbo contemno / blood trees reign / dreams / the Sneetches graveyard. 2. Red / Venus rising / young lust / fishbreath. 3. City folk are / lacy pinafore / next appointment / in Kalamazoo. The latest 3 of 12 Exquisite Corpses [LINK] that I’ve now worked on. I’m pretty disappointed in two of […]

L.A. Marathon No. 21

[L.A. MARATHON VIDEO LINK] Since I’m basically trapped inside today because of the L.A. Marathon. I might as well just enjoy it. Besides, how many people have 25,000 runners going by their house at any given time. The added bonus this year was I actually knew someone in it. So I grabbed my beach chair, […]

A Hankerin’ For Some Dough

It’s no secret that I love pizza. Every couple of years or so I break out the flour, water, polenta, cheeses, oregano, italian tomatoes, and whip up one of my own masterpieces. The smells of yeast, cheese and pepperonis are to die for. I love the thin sliced pepperoni because it gets all crispy with […]

Winter Storms

BRAIN DUMP: 50 things I remembered and wrote down this week. 1. In elementary school a kid won our school presidency by saying he’d get the drinking fountains to have soda rather than water. We all voted for him. 2. My Mom’s “I don’t have to time to prepare dinner” taco salad was made with […]

Goldfrapp at the Wiltern Theatre

[GOLDFRAPP – STRICT MACHINE VIDEO LINK] Three weeks ago I was sitting at my desk and saw in the L.A. Weekly that Goldfrapp was going to be playing The Wiltern. I love me some Goldfrapp. So I blurted out “Shit! Goldfrapp’s coming to town!” Little did I know Peter, who sits across from me, also […]

Friday Bike Ride

On the occasional Friday Bau from the office next to me and I leave work at lunch to ride our bikes down to the beach. It’s 12.65 miles according to the little bike computer. Well, this Friday my back tire was way low and the wind was blowing hard down Ballona Creek so it was […]

Love, Neko Case… at Amoeba Records

See, Neko Case said she loves me. Just look at that CD cover. Love Neko. It’s plain as day. What you really have to look at though is the the WAY she’s written it. See the “o” at the end? See how it kinda trails off downward? It’s like she’s writing Love Neko… dot dot […]

Cheers Buddy.

This weekend one of the guys I had worked with on Polar Express decided it was all too much. So he took his life. I worked with him a lot on the caribou sequence in Polar and man did I ever ask some dumb questions of him over a period of several months. From the […]

That’s Hot.

I have one of those mothers that has saved a ton of stuff from my childhood. A couple of years ago she dumped this huge box of stuff off to me that had everything from the wristband I wore when I was born on up to my college graduation. Why did she want to give […]