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Month: August, 2006

A Trip to the Cemetery

Went to the cemetery because I was kinda bored, it was nice out, and I always wanted to check out the Hollywood Forever Cemetery during the day. So what the hell. I’ve only been there for the movie screenings at night. I like that every headstone has a story. Even if you don’t know it. […]

Banksy, Brewster McCloud and Nashville

The infamous stencil grafitti artist [Banksy] hit L.A. recently. It feels odd to seem honored that he’d come here all the way from Bristol, UK and paint up the town! Ha ha! He even got rid of the previous stencil of a maid sweeping stuff up under the wall and put up a new one […]

The Commute by Bike

[COMMUTE BY BIKE VIDEO] I had to work a few hours on Saturday so I rode my bike. I try to ride my bike more days than I take the car but it’s been so hot around here lately the lure of air conditioning in the car has been to great. Today was beautiful, so […]