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Month: September, 2006

Open Season World Premiere

[OPEN SEASON PREMIERE PHOTOS] [RED CARPET MAYHEM VIDEO] Hey! Let’s go to a premiere! Come on everybody! Join me in a walk down the red carpet, um green carpet, and get blinded by flashes and rub elbows with Martin Lawrence, Aston Kutcher and Demi Moore, Gary Sinise and the furry stars of Open Season! It’s […]

KROQ Inland Invasion Concert

Ok, where do I begin… Guns ‘n Roses, Alice in Chains, Muse, Avenged Sevenfold, Papa Roach, Rise Against, Atreyu, Buckberry, 30 Seconds to Mars It took FOREVER to get out there. The Glen Helen Pavilion out in Devore. Am I in Nevada yet? On Friday, Blaine came by my desk and asked if I’d like […]


[BAJA CANTINA BIRTHDAY PHOTOS] Who has a birth”day” anymore? It usually lasts a week or more now. On top of that is the extraordinary amount of people that have birthday’s in September. Lot’s of sex during the holidays in December create a baby boom of Virgos and Libras in late summer and fall. Off the […]

Writer James Ellroy

Went out hunting for food and walked by a bookstore that was having a discussion and signing by the writer [James Ellroy]. Oooo that could be interesting. It was starting in just a few minutes so I picked up a copy of his book, ‘The Black Dahlia” and grabbed a seat. He came out and […]

Good Foods Los Angeles: Kokomo Cafe

[Kokomo Cafe]: Swiss and provolone cheese with pureed chipotle chilies, grilled on sourdough, served with fire roasted tomato soup. $8.95. Ask for an extra little side of the chilies and dip the edges of the sandwich in while eating. On a cold blustery night it’s cheese-a-rific. Head on over to the Farmer’s Market and pull […]

Andrea’s Hoedown

Big party day today. Hit an early one then headed over to Brigitte’s for her baby shower and then ended up at Andrea’s 40th birthday hoedown. Hadn’t seen any of this group of friends in ages so it was great to see everybody. Jenny and Craig threw a big hoedown at their new house which […]

Tool(ed) at The Staples Center

Setlist: Stinkfist – The Pot – 46 & 2 – Jambi – Schism – Rosetta Stoned – Right in Two – Wings for Marie – 10,000 Days – Lateralus – (interlude) – Vicarious – Aenema So, where to begin. I like Tool. Like the band, like the music, like the whole vibe around them… But […]


I got nothing. So here’s my dog. She would have been 28 this year had she been immortal. I still occasionally have dreams about her. She was named Chestnut because we got her for Christmas in 1978. She was born in October during the World Series between the Yankees and the Dodgers. In 1979 I […]