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Month: April, 2007

Shelli’s Birthday

What’s a party without the four food groups? Strawberries, Beer, Asparagus, and Meat. S.B.A.M. I really haven’t been that lazy folks, just lacking on the photo front. I’ve been here, then there, then over there, and then up there. A week or so ago Keith IM’d to tell me it was Shelli’s birthday the following […]

Mission Santa Barbara

This weekend I headed up to Santa Barbara for a couple little road trips. Saint Barbara? Who knew? [LINK] First on Saturday to see a friend of the family’s daughter’s class project from Brooks Institute of Photography [LINK] and see a little bit of Santa Barbara. Then to Ojai on Sunday for a little birthday […]

Recent Pelicula Screenings

Buena Vista Social Club Grindhouse Blades of Glory 300 Music and Lyrics Zodiac Ghost Rider ALL THE REST OF THE MOVIE RATINGS ?Ǭª Hi, hello. Things are good. How are you? I’ve seen some movies in the last month and a half that you might want to know about. I’m not sure when I’ll get […]