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Month: October, 2007

London Halloween Party

[London’s Halloween Party Video] A fowl beast I was. Left to right… Chris E., Chris C., and Chris G. No matter what party we’re always herded together for the 3 Chris’s photo.

Day of the Dead

[Picture Gallery][Video] Ah, the dearly departed. And a whole day, eh hem, deadicated to them! So you have a cemetery, people in skeletony things, cool arty magical goods, and tasty food stands full of all you can pay for taquitos. Not that I had any of those tasty tasty taquitos. Or the huge pina colada […]

California Seasons: Fire, Mudslide, Earthquake, Heat

[October 27th 1993 Laguna Fires Video] Parents evacuated out of Fallbrook. Homes destroyed. Choking smoke. Red polluted sunsets. Hey, just another day in paradise! The sun through the clouds and on the water was so saturated my camera just gave up and put flourescent orange in. While I was sitting inside playing the Wii to […]

No Talent

Out the window at work. They’ve been shooting the show Las Vegas out back this week. Lots of trucks, dressing rooms, catering, porta-pottys, and directors chairs. Just slap some duct tape on the chair… Insta-movie star! Although I haven’t actually seen any talent sit in the chair. And who designed that Star Waggons logo? Grab […]

The Way I See It

So, I’ve been thinking about something. I see two things differently than most others, and the other I had believed I was in the majority until I did a one person study at lunch and found out he differs with me on that. So I don’t know what to think. I noticed this when my […]

Recent Pelicula Screenings

Eastern Promises The Simpsons Movie Resident Evil: Extinction December Boys The Bourne Ultimatum Superbad Rocket Science Stardust Songcatcher I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry ALL THE REST OF THE MOVIE RATINGS ?Ǭª