Day of the Dead

by chris cunningham

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Ah, the dearly departed. And a whole day, eh hem, deadicated to them! So you have a cemetery, people in skeletony things, cool arty magical goods, and tasty food stands full of all you can pay for taquitos. Not that I had any of those tasty tasty taquitos. Or the huge pina colada in the hallowed out pineapple with the umbrellas and flowers. Nope.

I went over to the Day of the Dead Festival at Hollywood Forever Cemetery and this year I was on time. Last year I was running late and missed a bunch of cool stuff. Like convenient parking. Not this year! I got killer parking and no lines for taquitos! Ooops, I mean the taquitos I just looked at and kept walking. So yes it was excellent, and it was so cool I volunteered to help decorate the Day of the Dead float for the Rose Parade. Check out the [float].