Black Pool

by chris cunningham

Arrived in Dublin, Dubh Linn, Black Pool, Baile Atha Cliath, Town of the Ford of the Hurdle, (take your pick) this morning and checked into the Jury’s Inn at Christchurch. The first person you usually have to interact with is the cab driver. They’re probably not the best representatives of the city but they’re always a good source of amusement. Mine even gave me a pad of paper and pen to write down everything he said. After looking back at it in the hotel I wrote down nothing I could read and even phonetically tried to spell out some words in his Irish accent. The only thing I could recognize was “tree-tirty”. That means 3:30. So my first lesson is that there is no “th” sound in Ireland. Good to know. After I layed down for a bit I went out and checked out the city a bit. Ended up at the Ha’penny Bridge which is sort of a symbol of Dublin. It was opened in 1816 and cost a half penny to cross. It’s been the only pedestrian bridge across the Liffey until the Millenium bridge opened in 2000. That giant cloud behind the bridge is about to create the biggest hail and sleet storm I’ve ever seen in my whole life. It’s about to get real ugly on the walk back to the hotel.