“J” Is For Jetsetter

by chris cunningham

That’s me, Joe Jetsetter. How could I resist a Shag post to say I’m outta here. “Haunted Mansion” [LINK] has wrapped and I’m off onto this Big Blue Marble [LINK] [LINK]. Flights are booked, hotels are booked, concert tickets are purchased. A friend is house sitting. First stop Ireland as I hit Dublin and the countryside. Possibly the Cliffs of Moher [LINK], Aran Islands [LINK], Galway, and Clifden on the west coast. Then maybe up to Belfast and also a trip along the north coast for a look at the Giant’s Causeway [LINK]. Depends on the weather. From there it’s London for a series of concerts. “Daniel Lanois” [LINK] at Shepherds Bush Empire, “Hot Hot Heat” [LINK] at The Astoria, and finally “16 Horsepower” [LINK] at ULU.

I’ll try to refrain from taking the train to Paris for a day just to have a Nutella crepe. That’d be a $200 dollar crepe, but it would be the best crepe in the world. Oh man, that place right in St. Germain, on that side street with the… Or the one by Notre Dame on the cool little corner with the… Or the one off the Seine near the Eiffel Tower that has the… argh, I can taste them all now.

Then off to Barcelona to see Alex and Maria and have a Bocatta sandwich. I can already tell I’m just going to eat and drink my way around Europe this time.

After that it’s off to Prague for a week. Can’t wait to see the Alphonse Mucha museum [LINK] and the Bone Church in Kutna Hora [LINK], the Astronomical Clock [LINK], and the Charles Bridge. Some of the movies that have been shot in Prague include “Amadeus”, “Kafka”, “Mission: Impossible”, “XXX”, “Les Miserables”, and “Immortal Beloved”. They start filming the “Alien Vs. Predator” movie the week before I get there. So maybe I’ll catch part of that. Then it’s back to Dublin for a night and the journey home. “J” will be for Jetlag by that time.

The iPod is filled up with songs and all ready to go. Here are some Bloggirls and a Blogguy to keep you busy while I’m on holiday. [Willo O’Brien], [Kat Hunter], [Jason Zada], [Sarah McAuley], [Jane For Short], and of course friends and owners of the ultra minimalist website Stobo. [Keith and Shelli Bean]. Their site is more like a shoebox under the bed with family photos in it. Except this family does Burning Man, not backyard pool parties.

First trip with Aer Lingus. You know you’re going to Ireland when all the Flight Attendants have red or black hair, blue eyes, and porcelain skin. Other things I noticed on my trip was the guy singing “Beautiful Day” by U2 in the toilet, two women raving about “Billy Connelly” although he’s a Scot, and the American guy on the plane slugging back way to much Guinness for a 10 hour flight. Everybody’s getting prepared. I’m about to be up for way to many hours in a row. Flight leaves at 5:00pm.