Blighty’s Curiosities

by chris cunningham

Stitched Panorama

A few things that have humored me this week. Door knobs in the middle of the door. How Victorian, and useless. Also, if you put a pull handle on a door, make it for pulling, not pushing. On the shopping carts, all of the wheels rotate. Not just the front two like in the States. It’s weird, my cart always feels like it’s losing control as I go down the aisles sideways.

I’m now in the routine of work. I don’t know everything yet but that will come with time. Doing some Look Development. Not much to report this week, just glad to be checking out of the hotel for a few days this weekend.

On Wednesday I went to see the play Strangers on a Train. It’s based on the novel, but most people know the Hitchcock film. Hitchcock took quite a few liberties with the film version. The play had Imogen Stubbs in it from one of my favorite movies A Summer Story. It was pretty good but I’m uncomfortable with stage acting. I couldn’t help but think, “where’s the orchestra?” Probably why I prefer a big loud musical than a stage play. The whole cast was doing American accents that were hit and miss. You could hear some of them slip into their English accents quite often. The exception, the girl playing the southern belle type character laid the accent on thick and was very very good. But then she got strangled. Ha. I got the ticket at the TCKT booth at Leicester Square. 1/2 off day of tickets and I got 7th row. Amazing. I’m going to try and make that my weekly entertainment while I’m alone in London. I’m thinking The Book of Mormon for next week.

On Thursday night the lighting team went and played a Round Robin tournament of laser tag in North Greenwich. My code name was Quebec, on the Blue Team. First game I was “Most accurate”, but not a lot of points. Each round I played I kept scoring higher and higher but my accuracy went down. I realized spraying bullets in shotgun mode is pretty much the best way for a large body count. So I started out all Lee Harvey Oswald and then went all Bonnie and Clyde. Is that how I deal with situations though? At first I can be all focused, precise, and methodical, but then if the time comes I can basically shoot the place up. “Trigger Happy” honors went to the guy next to me at work. And you know what? That seems about right. So go play Laser Tag, and get your Kierkegarrd on.

After Laser Tag everybody went to a pub at the O2 Arena. I was too hungry at that point and looked around for something to eat but everything had just closed. I said my goodbyes, but had a walk around the O2. It’s really pretty at night. They have a thing where you can walk over the top of the dome so I’ll check into that some weekend I stay in London. I’m glad they’ve done something cool with the place. Really bummed to have missed the Zeppelin show there in 2007. I was in town and everything.

In other news, George is heading to Liverpool with me tonight to hang out before he heads back to New Zealand. He’ll be there for a few weeks to wrap up selling his house and then will come back to London with his partner Claire and their little dog. He’ll get to meet Xavier and see Liza again. Nice to be getting out of the city. The cable for internet was accidentally cut at the house so it might be a radio silence weekend. I’ll have a look…