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Neko Case Concert No. 8 – Henry Fonda Theater / Music Box

Things I’m Excited About

MUSIC: The Oct. 10th DVD release of Neko Case’s peformance on Austin City Limits from 2003. I’m going to play it over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and […]

Calexico at The Music Box

[CALEXICO AUDIO SNIPPET] Music to sway by. Calexico are sooo good! I’ve been having the hardest time seeing them as they’ve come through town a couple times while I’ve been away or I just couldn’t make it, etc. So finally! The name is taken from a small border town in California, and it’s Mexican side […]

Love, Neko Case… at Amoeba Records

See, Neko Case said she loves me. Just look at that CD cover. Love Neko. It’s plain as day. What you really have to look at though is the the WAY she’s written it. See the “o” at the end? See how it kinda trails off downward? It’s like she’s writing Love Neko… dot dot […]

Year of the Neko

Neko at The Derby February 28th, 2004 Yes I’ve completely lost my mind but I totally love Neko Case, and she has a new album coming out March 7th. Which I’ve already got, but that’s not point. Last year was all about her other band The New Pornographers, but this year she’s out on her […]

The New Pornographers + Neko at The Henry Fonda Theater

Tonight… The New Pornographers kicked ass. Destroyer, not so much. Immaculate Machine, way much. Things of note, they were total camera nazis and doing head to toe searches on the way in. The air outside was smoky as hell because of the massive brush fire going on over in the valley. After the show my […]

Neko Case at The Woodland Park Zoo

Oh Neko you’re So Fine, You’re So Fine You… So, Rock n’ Roll girlfriend was playing a benefit show for the Seattle Zoo. It was a one off, so I was dying to go. The only problem was that it ended up being sold out, and the only place you can buy tickets beforehand are […]

The New Pornographers minus Neko at Tower Records

[“TWIN CINEMA”]Pop masters New Pornographers are in town for their new release “Twin Cinema”. Tonight they did an instore [LINK] at Tower Records on Sunset, then the Galaxy Theater tomorrow. The NP’s are like a big bag of Halloween candy. One song’s a Snickers, one’s Twizzlers, one a Butterfinger, another a roll of Smarties. It’s […]

Neko Case Pt. 2 at El Rey Theater

[NEKO GALLERY] [VIDEO LINK] Oh Neko. Oh lovely, lovely Neko. Oh wait I said that Thursday. I’m repeating myself in my haze of Neko. So I pulled a major blunder as I stopped by the El Rey late in the afternoon to check when the box office was opening. I pull up on my bike […]

Neko Case Pt. 1 at Bimbo’s 365

Oh Neko. Oh lovely, lovely Neko. She’s back with a west coast tour with a whole band this time. Although there were some minor technical problems, i.e. broken strings, a couple false starts on songs, a tambourine that she had to run upstairs to retrieve, occasional flat singing, long guitar tunings between songs, etc. it’s […]

Neko Case (Will You Marry Me?) at The Derby

[NEKO CASE GALLERY] [VIDEO LINK]I love Neko Case. And after my holiday in Ireland, that pretty much spills over to all curly haired girls. Except Nicole Kidman. Anyway, she was back in town tonight doing another show at The Derby. It was billed as “With Friends”. Those friends included Jon Rauhouse, Kelly Hogan, and Carolyn […]

Neko Case At The Derby

[NEKO CASE VIDEO LINK – 1m:50secs – 320×240 – 4.6mb] The long awaited return of Neko Case to L.A. My favorite singer hits Hollywood with an acoustic set at The Derby. For years I always thought she could do a stellar version of the song “Wayfaring Stranger”. Totally out of the blue what’d she open […]

The Jayhawks and Neko Case at The Fillmore

The Fillmore – San Francisco, CA – 01/19/01 > (not in exact order) Settled Down Like Rain ? I’d Run Away / Break In The Clouds / Waiting For The Sun / What Led Me To This Town / Two Hearts / Big Star / Smile / Broken Harpoon / Queen Of The World / […]