The New Pornographers + Neko at The Henry Fonda Theater

by chris cunningham

Tonight… The New Pornographers kicked ass. Destroyer, not so much. Immaculate Machine, way much. Things of note, they were total camera nazis and doing head to toe searches on the way in. The air outside was smoky as hell because of the massive brush fire going on over in the valley. After the show my car was covered in soot. None of that mattered though because tonight I had a date with rock and roll girlfriend .

Dear Neko,
I totally understand why you like being in the band The New Pornographers, because they freakin’ kick ass. The added bonus for me is that you come through town twice as much and I get to spend an evening with you singing to me. Don’t think I didn’t see you looking out at me in the crowd. It was great we were able to get together in Seattle recently [LINK]. What a romantic getaway that was, huh? Well, it’s no wonder seeing that we’re so compatible according to [LINK]. And they’re never wrong! Check out that physical connection, in spades baby! I can still remember the day we met, you were sitting on a shelf at the Sony Style store at the Metreon in San Francisco. It was the year 2000 and you had just released the follow up to your debut album. 5 years? My oh my, has it really been that long? Your eyes were peering out of that jewel case at me while you sang Set Out Running to me. Not to get all Renee Zellweger on you but you had me at “Want…”

And that guy who kept yelling “Neko, I Love You!” all night. No, it wasn’t me, but that guy really didn’t mean it. He was all drunk and stuff and was just looking to get laid. That’s so insincere.

Next up Autolux, Queens of the Stone Age and Nine Inch Nails at the Hollywood Bowl.