Imageworks Company Picnic

by chris cunningham


After attendance worries and a delay due to death the picnic finally got pulled off. Having been out to Calamigos Ranch for the Disney Company picnics I figured it would be hot, boring, and filled with people I didn’t know. Turns out, it was beautiful out, I had a fun time, and it WAS filled with people I didn’t know. But that was OK because I could seek out my friends that were there and together we could wonder who the hell all these people were. Imageworks used to be on just two floors of the building I’m in and now it’s sprawled itself into about eight different buildings all within throwing distance. So attendance wasn’t a problem. After it was over it was so nice out I raced my car up and down Kanan Dume, through the tunnels, down to Malibu, and back up through Topanga. It was so James Dean of me. Except for the wrapping myself around a tree part.