Fear Me.

by chris cunningham


Proof that the lens is the most important part of a camera. Then of course the tripod. Then maybe the camera body. Before the trip up to the San Juans I was trying to justify the cost of this lens. I’m not sure I actually justified it in any rational way other than it’s just one of the best lenses out there [LINK]. It was funny, but when I was up at the islands and looking for Orcas, I’d pull out the camera and people would start asking me questions like I was some sort of researcher or something. Fortunately after years of reading and collecting books about them, I do know a lot more than I thought about the resident Orcas and could actually answer some questions. Hmmm… career change?

Oh, and it’s my birthday today. Just one of the 50 billion Virgos born this month because all our parents that had sex during the winter holidays. When I was in elementary school I used to get all bummed out at being a Virgo because it was so obviously a feminine sign. I wanted to be a Leo, Taurus or Aries. Come on those are cool manly animals! How come I’m stuck with some some virgin woman? What’s a virgin anyway? I was probably 5 and full of questions , but I think it was explained to me that she was virtuous. I doubt you can even go near astrology in classrooms these days let alone explaining what a virgin is. I only thought it was cool after the girl I had a little crush on, Jyll, was the only other Virgo and the teacher made each of the signs stand up together around the sides of the classroom. I was friends with Jyll the rest of the way through school due to that one little event.