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Category: Amsterdam

The Amazing Race

Man, the last two days have been like an episode of The Amazing Race. I thought this morning was going to be a breeze getting to the airport. The airport is supposed to be 15 minutes away by train. Flight’s at 9:55, but Jill thought it was 9:30. Not sure where she’s getting these numbers […]

Amsterdamn You Dirty Apes!

Today was just problem after problem but all got resolved and a gay angel was hoping to get his wings.

Amsterdaming – Drunken Buildings

Got up this morning and rented some bikes to cruise around the city. Great way to get around, you never have to wait for trains or buses, just hop on and you’re there in a few minutes. Amsterdam’s so small all the main sights are within 10 minutes of each other by bike. I wanted […]

Berlin to Amsterdam

Last thoughts on Berlin…. What a great place.