Amsterdaming – Drunken Buildings

by chris cunningham

Got up this morning and rented some bikes to cruise around the city. Great way to get around, you never have to wait for trains or buses, just hop on and you’re there in a few minutes. Amsterdam’s so small all the main sights are within 10 minutes of each other by bike. I wanted to check out this little art thing that goes on everey Sunday but it kinda sucked so didn’t spend but a few moments there. Then off to the museums, first the Van Gogh museum then the Rijksmuseum. The Van Gogh would be good if you’re really into him and I’m not so it was just OK. Only 1 or 2 real classics in the collection. Van Gogh’s like Madonna to me. I’m mildy ok with the hits but the rest of the catalogue, blech. Anyway, only for the hardcore, but then you probably know everything thing there is to learn at this museum anyway.

Then walked over to the Rijksmuseum which I really liked but was much smaller than I had envisioned. Lot’s of Rembrandts and three Vermeers. Three of around 35 total, which is saying a lot. After the Rijks we walked back over to the adjacent park and sat by this shallow pool for about an hour. Kids were swimming and people were sleeping all around it. Kinda nice. Not sure I personally would swim in what looked a bit dodgy on the bacteria side, but whatever. It was really warm today so there were lots of people out having a lazy Sunday.

Grabbed some ice cream and then unlocked the bikes and headed back to hotel and walked to dinner. The closest place to the hotel was little cafe that had tables on the water so we grabbed one and had a pretty good dinner. Another slow moving day.